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Protect Your Legal Rights: LegalShield


Protect your and your family’s legal rights with affordable access to attorney advice and services, including

  • Unlimited legal advice,
  • 24/7 access to an attorney in emergency situations,
  • Document and contract review,
  • Letters and calls from a law firm made on your behalf,
  • A basic will, healthcare proxy and living will for you and your spouse / partner.

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Are you a small business owner with 0 to 200 eimployees?  Get access to affordable legal services that protect your business, including

  • Debt collection letters,
  • Legal advice on unlimited business matters,
  • Document and contract review
  • Letters and calls made on your behalf by law firm

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Protect Your Identity Records: IDShield

Protect (and restore if stolen) your and your family’s valuable identity information. Who are you going to call? How will you fix things when:

  • Someone has stolen and used your child’s social security number.
  • The police arrest you for outstanding tickets that someone  racked up on your driver license in a state you’ve never visited.
  • Child protective services comes to take your kids because someone stole your medical insurance information used it to buy too many pain medications.

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Protect Your Family: Life, Final Expense, and Mortgage Protection Insurance


Give your loved ones one last gift that will allow them to take care of your funeral and end of life expenses.   


Protect your family with options that keeps you and them in your home in the event of death, critical illness, or disability. 


Protect your loved ones with coverage that can replace several years of income, leave a legacy, or immediate income upon death while your estate goes through probate.

LegalShield Personal Plan

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IDShield Identity Theft Protection and Restoration

LegalShield Small Business Plan

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Protect what matters most: Your identity, your legal rights, your family, your business.

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